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Applications related to Computer Graphics and Scientific and Medical Visualization are multi billion industries with significant research and job opportunities. The game industry alone is now larger than 30 billion US$/year and visualization applications in healthcare, engineering and other areas grow strongly due to the increased complexity of these fields and the cost savings and improved outcomes obtained from computer simulations. In addition virtual worlds increasingly represent an important market place and location for everyday activities such as commerce, education, and entertainment. The Computer Graphics group at the Department of Computer Science does leading edge research in Scientific and Biomedical Visualization, Real-time Rendering, Game Technology, simulation algorithms and Virtual and Augmented Reality. Most of the research is collaborative and strong links exists with other departments (e.g. Surgery, Anatomy, Psychology, Architecture, EEE & CSE, Engineering Science) and research institutes and companies both in NZ and overseas.

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A presentation of current research themes (July 2009) is found here:

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