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Computer Science Education research focusses on understanding how students learn the subject of computer science, the study of which typically begins with an introduction to programming.  Teaching techniques can be more successful if they are derived from this understanding, which is gained by measuring the effect that different approaches and environments have on student performance. We are also exploring contribution based approaches in which students create and share learning resources within and between courses.  These techniques are motivated by a desire to develop skills in our graduates that are essential for success in an industry that demands team work and lifelong learning.  Examples of systems used to support this pedagogy include the Aropa peer review system ( and the PeerWise system of student contributed assessment questions (


Aropa is a web-based tool that supports peer review.

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PeerWise is a web-based tool in which students contribute multiple choice questions to a communal data bank that other students can use as a revision and learning tool.

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Contributing Student Pedagogies (CSP)
A Contributing Student Pedagogy (CSP) is: “A pedagogy that encourages students to contribute to the learning of others and to value the contributions
of others.”

We are studying the pitfalls and benefits of CSP activities in Computer Science.

Contributing Students: eLearning tools to support collaborative teaching and learning
We have recently received a Vice Chancellors Strategic Development Fund grant to support further development of some of of our CSP tools.

The goal of this project is to generalize, more widely deploy and evaluate some of the second generation eLearning technologies that we have already developed to proof of concept stage.

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