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Ian’s core research is centered on distributed software engineering and includes mobile computing, middleware and dynamic reconfiguration. With recent developments in mobile devices, current research is targeted at building infrastructure to enable such devices to play the role of service providers, as opposed to their traditional role of simple consumers. This raises a number of interesting research challenges, including how to ensure quality of service in a resource constrained operating environment. Ongoing work involves the use of Jini to develop necessary infrastructure. Beyond mobile computing, Ian is interested in developing support for distributed software systems that must run for extended periods without being shutdown for maintenance and repair. Motivating applications include critical business process software and control systems with very high availability requirements. Support for these kinds of applications is based on work in the area of dynamic reconfiguration and has resulted in a number of prototypes including OpenRec, an open framework for developing reconfigurable applications, and Enterprise Java Beans middleware enabling beans to be replaced at run-time. In addition to these core areas, Ian has also been recently involved in projects concerned with usability of mobile devices and application of formal methods to reconfigurable computing.

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