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Ewan is interested in most areas of software engineering, including testing, software architecture, and tool support for software development, but his main research area is measuring software design quality. Specifically he is interested in how various structural characteristics of code impact different quality attributes, such as reusability, testability, modifiability, or understandability. In order to carry out such investigations, there needs to be the means to measure the different structural characteristics. This is the focus of his current research.  To aid this research, he manages a software corpus, consisting of a number of open-source Java applications. This corpus provides a platform for a number of empirical studies to determine the current state of the code world. Details of the corpus are available from In order to understand the measurements he gathers, he needs effective techniques for presenting this data in an understandable form. He is part of the Software Imaging and Visualisation theme in the FRST-funded Software Process and Product Improvement project, whose goal is to develop novel methods, algorithms, and techniques to visualise various artifacts associated with software. He has funding available through this project for Masters or PhD-level projects. More details about his research can be found on his home page at

  • May 2020
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