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We have developed a variety of novel applications development tools (meta tools) that support the rapid and dynamic development of multi-view, multi-user visual application interfaces. Plug-in extensions we have developed and trialled include a full web services API for integration with other applications, web-based interfaces, peer-to-peer collaborative editing and remote document management, peer-to-peer workflow co-ordination, zoomable user interfaces, and design critic authoring. Applications of the meta tool range widely, from software architecture and performance engineering through data mapping, construction IT, statistical survey specification and even guitar sound system specification. We have a range of projects available both contributing to the meta tool development and applying the meta tool to develop interesting visual language applications.

SeeĀ the Marama site for more details.


Marama project includes links to many applications of Marama and the Marama download site

SPPI project and MDE Objective in that project

Visual Wiki Project

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